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Dr Zigs Multi Bubbles Starter Kit


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This Starter Kit with Multi-Loop is fantastic for making streams of football sized bubbles. Increadibubble on breezy days.

A great kit for parents to use with younger children, quickly and easily able to fill a garden with bubbles for kids to chase.


1 x Litre of Ready-To-Go Dr Zigs Dragon Bubble Mix

1 x Multi-Loop Bubble Rope on our Standard Wands

Sheet of Dr Zigs Dragon Bubbles Tips, Tricks and Instructions.

The Standard Wands are 60cm long, and suitable for ALL older kids over the age of 7ish - yes that includes you too Mum, Dad, and Grandad!

Dr Zigs produce their own Bubble Mix in the valleys of Snowdonia (North Wales) to a secret recipe containing 97% distilled Welsh water with a little bit of added magic, and a trace of Welsh dragon essence. The mixes are guaranteed phosphate and palm oil free and they work hard to reduce surfactants (not so good for the environment) whilst increasing performance. Forget the shop bought stuff – this is just mindbubbling!!

All Wands are hand made of FSC certified wood – which means that it has been sustainably sourced, very cool – and all the Bubble Ropes are made of 100% natural untreated cotton.

What is more a percentage of every kit sold goes to Bubbles Not Bombs projects, which sees Dr Zigs sending bubble kits to kids who need them round the world. Dr Zigs bubbles have been to Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya, Chernobyl, Delhi, Bhutan, Leros, Lesvos, Dunkirk, Calais.

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