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Ecosavers Radiator Foil 5 Metres
Ecosavers Radiator Foil 5 Metres

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Ecosavers Radiator Foil 5 Metres


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Fitting EcoSavers radiator foil at the back of a radiator is a simple and cost-effective way of saving energy and money by reducing heat loss. The EcoSavers reflective sheeting will reflect heat back into a room rather than letting it uselessly escape through the walls of a house.

Adding this radiator heat reflector to the back of your radiators is one of the most effective and easy solutions you can make to improve your heating efficiency. If you have radiators on external walls up to 70% of the heat can be lost directly to the wall. The poorer the insulation in the wall, the more heat is lost. Through its high heat reflecting properties the Ecosavers radiator foil reflects warmth back into the room rather than letting it become absorbed by the wall behind it.

No need for wallpaper paste or glues, this insulation foil is one of the easiest types around! Cut the foil to fit the radiator (if you make the panel slightly smaller than the radiator it will not be visible). Attach the magnetic tape to the left and right hand sides of the foil panel you have just cut. Position the foil and magnetic tape on the rear of the radiator. The Ecosavers Radiator Foil comes with a huge 10m of self-adhesive magnetic tape for simple installation behind your radiators.

Energy Saving

Energy saving - These products are to help reduce your energy consumption. Saving you money and saving the environment.


Vegan – doesn’t contain animal products, dairy products or eggs and doesn’t use fur, leather, wool or down. Cosmetic or chemical products aren’t tested on animals.

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