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Ecosavers Window Insulation Film
Ecosavers Window Insulation Film

Ecosavers Window Insulation Film


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During the cold months a lot of heat is lost through windows that are not insulated. With this easy to fit kit you can create an extra layer between the glass and the room. The air between the glass and the plastic window insulation film act as an insulator, similar to the double glazed window systems.This is a simple and cost-effective way of saving energy and money by reducing heat loss and preventing draughts.

Simply place the adhesive tape around the window frame, attach the film to the tape, shrink the film by using hot air from a hairdryer, then simply cut off the remaining part of the film.

The film in this kit is 50% thicker then similar systems on the market whichguarantees a much stronger and durable installation of the film.

The kit contains 2 sheets of 157 x 120 cm and 17.5 meter strong doublesided adhesive tape.

Energy Saving

Energy saving - These products are to help reduce your energy consumption. Saving you money and saving the environment.

Recyclable packaging

Recyclable packaging – packaging materials from these products can be collected for recycling. Examples include paper, glass and plastic bottles. 


Sustainable - These products help to support a more sustainable lifestyle reducing an individual's use of the planets natural resources.


Vegan – doesn’t contain animal products, dairy products or eggs and doesn’t use fur, leather, wool or down. Cosmetic or chemical products aren’t tested on animals.

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