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Endotherm Energy Saving Heating Additive 500ml
Endotherm Energy Saving Heating Additive 500ml

Endotherm Energy Saving Heating Additive 500ml


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EndoTherm is an energy saving central heating additive independently proven to save up to 15% on heating bills. It takes just 10-15 minutes to add it to the water in your radiators, and requires no on-going maintenance.

EndoTherm changes the nature of the water in your central heating system, so that it gives off more heat.This means radiators heat up quicker and stay hotter for longer, reducing the work the boiler needs to do to keep your home warm - even the most efficient boilers can be improved by it.

EndoTherm is added to your central heating system by pouring it into the expansion tank (if you have one), or into a partially drained radiator. Full instructions included on the bottle. (NB filler attachment tube is recomended and can be bought on

How many bottles do I use?
For homes and domestic situations: Less than 12 radiators: 1 bottle, 12 to 25 Radiators: 2 bottles, more than 25 radiators: 3 bottles.

EndoTherm works in any closed wet central heating system, and can deliver real energy savings regardless of building size.

EndoTherm is non-corrosive and causes no damage to heating system components.

Easily biodegradable -The product does not contain organically bound halogens.

EndoTherm saves energy by reducing the work required by the boiler to maintain the temperature levels within a building. Full instructions are supplied.

Energy Saving

Energy saving - These products are to help reduce your energy consumption. Saving you money and saving the environment.

Soil Association approved

Organic – Our products have been certified organic by an official body from either in the UK, or from the country of origin.


Vegan – doesn’t contain animal products, dairy products or eggs and doesn’t use fur, leather, wool or down. Cosmetic or chemical products aren’t tested on animals.

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