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What Makes Us Different


Green Britain

We’re here to make shopping for more ethical and eco friendly products as easy as possible. We only source products that have a social, ethical or ecological benefit; we do the research, so that you don't have to. If it’s in our shop, then you’ll do some good by buying it.

And we’re a not-for-dividend company. That means we're free to dedicate the money we make to the things we believe in, rather than paying dividends to shareholders. It's a model pioneered by our sister company Ecotricity - where energy bills are harnessed to build new sources of green energy.


At Ecotopia we harness every day shopping bills and dedicate the money we make to the Green Britain Foundation. 


We like to think of it as Shopping for Green Britain. 


And while we believe that actions will always speak louder than words, we acknowledge that sometimes words are required – so here are some of the principles that guide us – our environmental policy if you like;

  • We seek maximum environmental gain for minimum environmental impact - in all that we do.
  • We intend to continually reduce our own environmental impact.
  • In any apparent conflict between the environment and money – we put the environment first.
  • We take into account ethical and social issues, biodiversity and sustainability when making all strategic and operational decisions.

We seek to reduce the impacts of our own activities, through for example;

  •  The reduction of consumption
  • The use of alternative materials and processes,
  • The use of technology (existing and yet to come)
  • And by encouraging and pursuing behavioural change, from both within our organisation and from without.

We will not work with organisations directly involved in;

  • Factory farming, animal slaughter, animal testing, arms, tobacco, nuclear power, shale gas fracking, GMO’s or anything else we consider to be unethical, immoral or just plain wrong

To help us achieve our goals we will develop an environmental management system (EMS) that meets the requirements of the Eco-management and audit regulations. Within our EMS we'll set ourselves targets, work to prevent pollution and manage our compliance with environmental regulations

We’ll make sure that everyone working for Ecotopia is aware of this environmental policy and how they can help implement it. By publishing this we're making our commitment public.

Version 2
Last Updated: 24th September 2013


Ecotopia Packaging Policy

Here at Ecotopia, we hate waste and try to reuse as much of the packaging that our suppliers send our goods in. The the cardboard boxes that we can’t resend your order out in are shredded and used as packing, along with shredded old delivery notes and any biodegradable packing that we can reuse.

Even our green tinged bubble wrap is biodegradable!

Where we do have to use plastic, we try to reuse stuff that has come in on one of our deliveries – old pallet wrap for example, although it’s pretty rare that we need to.

Our pallets that we no longer need are given back to our suppliers who reuse them, they have covered many deliveries in their lifetime.

We’re working on finding some paper parcel tape that is  up to the job of holding out boxes together,and when we do, we’ll use that too...