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Radfan Classic Radiator Fan
Radfan Classic Radiator Fan

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Radfan Classic Radiator Fan


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The Radfan Radiator Fan makes sure that the heat from your radiator is getting to where you want it the most – into the living area of the room, not the ceiling! This clever device redirects the hot air from the radiator directly into the room using fans.

The Radfan is a fully automatic electric radiator fan and will only run when your radiator is hot - simply plug the Radfan into the mains with the 3 metre long power lead, and feel warmer without increasing your thermostat – you can even tuck the half of the power lead behind the radiator as it is heat protected.

The unit is also cheap to run as it uses 3W of power, which equates to around £2 per year.

As the smallest member of the Radfan family the Radfan Classic is perfect for radiators small and large. The magnets secure it on to both single and double panel radiators.

Thanks to its size and magnetic fixings the Radfan Classic can easily be moved from room to room. For that lazy afternoon in your reading corner or the occasional day in the home office you can bring the warmth with you.
For radiators under windows the Radfan Classic reduces heat lost through the window by 35%, keep the warmth in your home and stop warming up the great outdoors.

Length: 51 cm / 21"
Height (overall): 11.5 cm / 4.5"
Height (above radiator): 8 cm / 3.1"
Depth: 7.5 cm / 3"

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