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Radiator Booster Turbo Logic
Radiator Booster Turbo Logic

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Radiator Booster Turbo Logic


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The Radiator Booster 3 is a radiator fan that will blow the warm air from behind your radiator into the room where you need it, all for the cost of around 60p per year.

Simply place this radiator booster fan on top of a radiator and plug it in to the mains. When the radiator reaches 30 degrees C, the electric radiator fan will cut in and start blowing air outwards. This will heat the room in up to half the time, allowing the boiler to shut down sooner, saving heating time and money.

•Weight: 240 grams •Material : recyclable ABS plastic •Mains power adapter: 100 - 240 V AC 50/60 Hz •Mains cable length: 1.9 M (extensions available) •Mains consumption standby: 0.15W •Mains consumption active: 1.25W •Thermostat activation point: 30 degrees Celsius

When the Radiator Booster technology was independently tested by Which Magazine (April 2011), they concluded the following: "Our test lab found that with the radiator booster fitted, the room heated up more quickly, the thermostat needed to come on less often and energy consumption dropped."

Please note that the Radiator Booster is not designed to work with oil filled, electric storage or electric convection radiators. The Radiator Booster should not be used in shower rooms, bathrooms or other areas exposed to damp or humidity.

Energy Saving

Energy saving - These products are to help reduce your energy consumption. Saving you money and saving the environment.


Vegan – doesn’t contain animal products, dairy products or eggs and doesn’t use fur, leather, wool or down. Cosmetic or chemical products aren’t tested on animals.

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This is a great product - very easy to use as it just sits on the radiator and makes a huge impact on the warmth in the room. Well worth the investment.
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